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Basic Steps of Debt Counselling

This is how we can help you


Fill out the Form (Get a free debt assessment, and credit report)

It is obligation free, we need this information to get in touch with you, you don’t even have to pay for the call, we will call you, and chat about your situation


We assess your situation

you don’t have to do anything here, we will look at your situation, your credit record, and determine what your options are. You will receive a call back from us to discuss your options.


Your solution, your decision

If debt counselling is the option you need and choose, we will place you under Debt Counselling. You will be protected by law with immediate effect against all legal action from creditors. we will contact all your creditors (Your bank, cellphone providers, whoever you owe money too), to notify them that you are placed under Debt Counselling, and they are no longer allowed to harass or contact you.


Repayment Plan & Negotiation

If it comes to payment negotiation we are the best in the business. We will take into consideration your living costs and the amount that you can afford to pay your debt and provide you with your final payment plan. You no longer have to worry about paying your creditors one by one, we have negotiated a new payment term with a reduced interest rate.


Single reduced payment, ease of mind

After this process, you are protected against legal action, we pride ourselves with a 92% rate of granted debt destruction orders. you just have to pay the single reduced payment. And have the peace of mind to focus on what really matters to you.

Debt Counselling Removal

This step is a new step added to the Debt Counselling process. Once you are able to repay your debt at the original agreed amount or you have complete all outstanding debt payments, our attorneys will apply at the court. If you would like to more about Debt Counselling Removal, click here.