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Welcome and Congratulations!
Alliance Debt Counsellors would like to welcome and congratulate you for taking the first step to financial freedom and getting out of the spiral of bad debt!  More than 10 million South Africans out of a total of 18 million are over in debt –  your decision and action speaks of responsibility and intelligence.  We will assist and guide you every step on your way to a debt-free life!

Let us explain some of these steps to you.

Step 1:

Included in this document you will find a form that you need to complete and submit to us in order to get the Debt Counselling process started.

Please include the following when submitting this form:

  • Copy of all identity documents
  • Salary Advice
  • Bank Statement
  • Proof of Residence
  • Statements of all Creditors (not older than three months)

Step 2:

  • From this point, we will take over all negotiations with your Creditors
  • We will capture all relevant information on our systems
  • The National Credit Regulator will be informed about your application
  • We will obtain your latest Certificates of balances (COB) from your Creditors
  • We will check for reckless credit

Step 3:

We will make an assessment whether you are over in debt or not and inform your creditors accordingly
If found that you are over in debt we will provide your Creditors with a proposed repayment plan and negotiate terms and interest rates with them

Step 4:

As soon as an agreement between ourselves on your behalf and your Creditors are reached, your matter will be revered to your local Magistrate Court where the Court will make an order confirming our repayment plan to the Creditors.

Step 5:

As long as you keep to the payment plan as agreed and ordered in Court, all creditors must adhere to this.
We will issue you with a Clearance Certificate when you make your last payment and you will be considered a credit active person again.