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The ‘Blacklist’ myth buster

To start off the blacklisted myth buster, let’s get something out of the way. There is no such thing as being blacklisted, or your name appearing on an actual list of people, in other words, an actual ‘Blacklist’. Blacklisted is a term to describe that you have a bad credit score on your credit record and that you are a high risk to creditors. You can get your free credit report & assessment with us.

From being ‘blacklisted’ to having a good credit score

Your credit record shows all payments you have made or not made to your creditors. Not paying your bills on time will reflect negatively on your credit record, giving you a bad credit score. So if you want to open a new Cellphone contract, the first thing they will do is check your credit profile, to see how you’ve been paying your bills. If your credit score is very low, your cellphone application will most probably be declined, and no matter where you go, most creditors won’t approve your applications.

How can I turn my bad credit record into a good one?

Alliance DC specializes in helping people tackle their credit scores and credit reports directly. I’m sure all of us has heard the term “I have more month than salary”. Not being able to cover living expenses and debts with your salary each month is the greatest cause of a bad credit record. Juggling your salary to pay bills each month is a big warning sign of being over-indebted. Take our quick 7 question debt assessment.

Alliance DC benefits for people with bad credit record

We believe debt counselling is the best solution to help people with a bad credit record. The chances of getting a consolidation loan are very difficult. We want to make the process of facing debt as easy and painless as possible for all our clients. Here is how we do it:

  1. We provide you with a free annual credit report, and complete assistance to understanding this credit report
  2. We do a free in-depth debt assessment, to see how your private finances are doing
  3. We work out a new payment plan, to make sure you can pay your debt, and still have enough money for living costs
  4. We negotiate new payment plans for all your debt with your creditors
  5. You get protection by law from any repossession or harassment from creditors
  6. After all your debt has been paid, you will be issued with a clearance certificate, this means your credit score starts from scratch

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