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Struggling to get home loans, car loans, or cellphone contracts? Do you need to clear your credit record?

A clean credit record becomes priceless when applying for financing for home loans, car loans, or cellphone contracts. Living a healthy credit life has become just as important as living a healthy physical life. So how do you ensure your credit record stays clean and get the financing and credit you need when you need it?

The process starts with a Credit Report. If you are unsure what a Credit Report is, you can have a look here.

In short, it is like a basic check-up at the doctor, to see what is wrong, diagnose the symptoms and then pinpoint exactly how to help you. With the credit report we will be able to see when your credit record got damaged, or still being damaged, and give you the relevant information or tools on how to get it sorted out. We do a Credit Report free of charge as well as the assessment, so you have nothing to lose…

You can get your free credit report & assessment with here.

Blacklisting is normally classified under the following, Judgements or Negative Listings, Payment Defaults or Late payments. Continually defaulting on your payments and obligations will get recorded at the various credit bureaus. Here are some of the main credit bureaus used by Credit Providers in South Africa: TransUnion ITC, Experian, Compuscan, XDS, Equifax. Credit Providers use credit bureaus like these when assessing your creditworthiness.

How can I turn my bad credit record into a good one?

Alliance DC specializes in helping people tackle their credit scores and credit reports directly. I’m sure all of us has heard the term “I have more month than salary”. Not being able to cover living expenses and debts with your salary each month is the greatest cause of a bad credit record. Juggling your salary to pay bills each month is a big warning sign of being over-indebted. Take our quick 7 question debt assessment.

Alliance DC benefits for people with bad credit record

We believe debt counselling is the best solution to help people with a bad credit record. The chances of getting a consolidation loan are very difficult. We want to make the process of facing debt as easy and painless as possible for all our clients. Here is how we do it:

  1. We provide you with a free annual credit report, and complete assistance to understanding this credit report
  2. We do a free in-depth debt assessment, to see how your private finances are doing
  3. We work out a new payment plan, to make sure you can pay your debt, and still have enough money for living costs
  4. We negotiate new payment plans for all your debt with your creditors
  5. You get protection by law from any repossession or harassment from creditors
  6. After all your debt has been paid, you will be issued with a clearance certificate, this means your credit score starts from scratch