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Credit Reports

Everything you need to know

What is a credit report?

Your credit report contains your credit history as reported to the Credit Bureau of South Africa by lenders who have extended credit to you. The information in your credit report is also used to generate credit scores. Your credit score is determined by how you pay back the credit you have. If your payments is on time, your credit score will strengthen which will increase your chances of getting more credit from Credit Providers.

What to expect from your credit report

  • Your actual credit score
    which will range from 605 (Very High Risk) to 667 (Minimum Risk)
  • A credit rating on your score
    (Good, Average, Poor etc)
  • Explanation of the score ranges and how you are affected by it
    (How your creditors see it, and how they view you)

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We can provide you with invaluable information on how to improve your credit score

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